NetRIght Daily: Say NO To Big Government

Just Say No to Big Government: Frustrated with Gov. Mark Sanford's refusal to accept $700 million in federal stimulus dollars and his opposition to the state budget, S.C. Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell addressed the governor in an open letter this month, writing, "Time and again, you have failed to address problems in a constructive manner and proactively work with the Legislature to find solutions."


NBC's Brian Williams Bows to Obama: In a special that aired last night, NBC news anchor Brian Williams bows to Obama.


Equal Justice of Hypocrisy as Usual: The go-to conscience of Congress, Tom Coburn (R-OK), has once again stepped on the toes of the politics-as-usual crowd by revealing the hypocrisy-as-usual that has come to define the Washington elite. And he did it by proposing an amendment he knew was dead-on-arrival.


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