CEI Weekly: Ten Thousand Commandments

>>Ten Thousand Commandments in the headlines

CEI's major annual study of the regulatory burden on American tax-payers


Ten Thousand Commandments 2009 by Wayne Crews



As featured in Forbes magazine



As featured in The Detroit News




>>Shaping the Debate

Hurricane Damage and Global Warming

Daniel Sutter in a study for CEI



America's Hidden Trillion-Dollar Tax

Wayne Crews and Ryan Young featured in Investor's Business Daily



Regulators Fail Chemistry Test

Iain Murray featured in The Washington Examiner



Legislature’s Continued Reliance on Catastrophe Fund a Disaster for Florida Finances

Eli Lehrer featured in The TC Palms




>>Best of the Blogs

Cheers for Indiana Treasurer’s halt to Chrysler Bankruptcy

by John Berlau

"As such, President Obama and his auto task force should respect the role of the bankruptcy courts and recognize thattheir role is not to rubber stamp the administration’s plan to take over Chrysler and GM, but to apply bankruptcy precedents and faithfully apply the law to the facts at hand."



Union Keeps Special Privileges Through Taxpayer Bailout of General Motors

by Hans Bader

"If GM had rejected a federal bailout, and filed for bankruptcy in December, it would be recovering right now, since it could have used bankruptcy proceedings to tear up the collective bargaining agreements with the United Auto Workers that saddle it with excessive wages and benefits and rigid work rules, and it would also be benefiting from the fall in gas prices from $4 last year to $2.50 now."



Stupid Border Tricks

by Marc Scribner

"Given that we’re in the midst of a government-worsened global recession, it seems silly to raise the cost of doing business with our number one trading partner–unless you’re living in Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s fantasy world."



Twenty Years since Tiananmen Square

by Ryan Young

"China is a very different place than it was twenty years ago . . . Slow but steady economic liberalization has lifted as many as half a billion people out of poverty in China since Mao’s death."



NYT: “Buy American” angers allies, loses jobs

by Fran Smith

"The New York Times opined today that the so-called stimulus bill’s “Buy American” provisions are having some unintended consequences – sparking anger from allies and likely leading to significant losses in American jobs."




>>CEI in the News

Café Hayek--Wayne Crews and Ryan Young



The New York Times--Eli Lehrer



Forbes Magazine--Wayne Crews and Ryan Young



National Public Radio--Eli Lehrer



National Underwriter--Eli Lehrer



National Underwriter--Eli Lehrer



OPB News--Eli Lehrer





Episode 45: Save the Beer Barns!

The program starts with the bankruptcy of General Motors, amending the California state constitution and Greg Conko’s opinions on the state of FDA reform. We then move on to Nancy Pelosi’s global warming comments in China, scantily clad women selling beer, electoral scandal in Connecticut and some very English Olympic News.



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