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Is "Freedom" What We Are Fighting For?
If So, What Price "Freedom"?

by Sandy Cook, Staff Writer

Every period, every cause, every war, every political campaign, even every commercial product pitch comes up with a catch-phrase that quickly becomes a cliché. The phrase is repeated and repeated until it loses its meaning, if it ever had one, and goes right on being repeated by those who will never understand what it was supposed to mean originally.

One of the most enduring of these clichés is "Freedom Isn't Free". Well, I have to believe that statement to be true as a matter of practical and critical analysis, but does it mean the same thing to me as it does to the people who are spouting it endlessly on the internet, on the talk shows, and in the press? I am not sure, but I have my suspicions. And if freedom isn't free, then who pays? By that, of course, I mean who really pays? How much? In what currency? Read More >


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