DNC - Organizing for America events in NH

SATURDAY: Organizing for America Kicks Off Grassroots Health Care Reform Effort in New Hampshire


Washington, DC –Organizing for America (OFA), a project of the Democratic National Committee committed to supporting President Obama's agenda for change, will hold a Health Care Organizing Kickoff on Saturday, June 6th in Exeter and Winchester. This event is just one of thousands of such events in all 50 states that will mark the official launch of OFA’s health care organizing campaign. During these meetings, participants will start the conversation on health care reform by watching a special message from the President, talking about his three principles for reform, anddeveloping alocal plan that ensures health care reform becomes a reality.


“The current health care system is broken,” said OFA New Hampshire Field Director Tim Arsenault. “Saturday’s events will be an opportunity for Americans across the country to come together in an urgent effort to support President Obama’spush to pass health care reform this year. These events across New Hampshire are a critical step in our efforts to get power brokers in Washington to listen and to get comprehensive health care reform done - and get it done now. Millions of families suffering in this broken system simply can't afford to wait."


As President Obama told supporters and organizers on a recent conference call, Americans cannot afford to wait another year for health care reform. Forty-five million Americans lack health insurance and every day more are priced out of the system by skyrocketing premiums or denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. President Obama has called on Americans to take action and to become a part of the solution by laying out three basic principles that should be a part of any successful health care reform; reducing the rising cost of health care for families and business, guaranteeing Americans the choice of their own coverage and doctor and finally ensuring that quality, affordable health care is available to all Americans.


In recent weeks, OFA organized a nationwide pledge drive and asked Americans to call their members of Congress to encourage support for President Obama's budget. Currently,OFA is holding listening tours across the country soliciting input and ideas from volunteers and supporters on the best ways to organize in their communities and what issues are most important to them.


Suggested kickoff for press to attend is below:

Saturday, June 6th, 2009


2:00 PM

The Bermans

12 Locust Ave

Exeter, NH


7:00 PM

The Charlands

68 Kapper Drive

Winchester, NH