NetRight Daily: Stimulus is Back, The IMF and Tobacco Bans

600,000 New Stimulus Jobs?: Uh, sure, just like Christine Romer predicted that Porkulus would prevent unemployment from hitting a stratospheric 8.8%. And, of course, it did — it's now up to 9.4% and rising and we have $800 billion more debt on our hands. Never mind the earlier missed predictions, Barack Obama says, and get ready for Stimu-Jobs!


$100 Billion IMF Expansion: On June 6th, the International Monetary Fund's First Deputy Managing Director John Lipsky dropped a bombshell on the dollar. He said, "The largest debtor is very unlikely to dominate any currency arrangement today" referring to the serious decline of U.S. status on account of the nation's astronomical $11.3 trillion debt.


If you haven't been following the coming FDA Tobacco ban, check these stories out:


First they Came for Tobacco: In typical fashion, the political elite on Capitol Hill seem less interested in weighing the pros and cons of important issues than wielding the scepter of power at impotent opponents.


Equal Justice or Hypocrisy as Usual: The go-to conscience of Congress, Tom Coburn (R-OK), has once again stepped on the toes of the politics-as-usual crowd by revealing the hypocrisy-as-usual that has come to define the Washington elite. And he did it by proposing an amendment he knew was dead-on-arrival.


Hypocrisy as Usual: The government has no place in regulating tobacco. Yet, 13 Senators seem to be ok with this newest of regulations while voting No on Coburn's amendment which would have placed marijuana under the same regulations. A vote no on regulating marijuana should also be a vote no on the bill on the Senate floor. Coburn's test worked, these 13 hypocrites have been exposed.


In case you missed it! Check out this cartoon from William Warren on Obama's Nuclear Energy double standard.


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