NH Senate Republican Statement on Court Ruling to Freeze JUA Funds

Concord, NH – Today, Senate Minority Leader Peter Bragdon released the following statement on Monday's court-ordered freeze of Governor Lynch's plan to seize $110 million from the private Joint Underwriting Association.


"I call on Governor Lynch to veto the budget and immediately bring the legislature back into session to deal with this $110 million hole in the state budget. This court order puts our budget out of balance on day 1.


"Governor Lynch and the big spenders in the legislature satisfied their desire for $1 billion in new spending with numerous accounting gimmicks, including this raid on a private fund. Senate Republicans warned this risky scheme would get tied up in court and could jeopardize the budget, but our attempts to stop the raid were blocked by the Democrats. Monday's court ruling has validated our warnings.


"True budget leadership would have held the line on spending, just as thousands of New Hampshire citizens have had to do this year. Instead Governor Lynch and the Democrat-controlled legislature raised total spending over 10%. If they had held the line on spending, there would have been no need to try to steal money from a private organization."



A Belknap County Superior Court order on Monday blocked the state from seizing money from the JUA fund. [Source: Laconia Citizen]


The 2010/2011 budget passed by the legislature and supported by the governor counted on $110 million of money taken from the JUA fund to help balance the budget. [ Source: Legislative Budget Assistant's Office]


The 2010/2011 budget had over $1 billion more in total spending (all

funds) than the prior budget. [Source: Legislative Budget Assistant's Office]