AFP - Hands Off My Healthcare!

President Obama and big-government politicians in Congress have said they want Americans to have health care as good as they have. So why aren't they jumping to join the new public health insurance plan they're trying to create?


I know you're shocked to hear this ... but members of Congress are planning to keep their gold-plated, taxpayer-funded benefits packages while putting the rest of us into a government health care plan. If this new plan is supposed to be so great, why aren't they going to join it?


What hypocrisy.


There's even more hypocrisy and outrageous political payoffs in this health care takeover. Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus wants to tax our health insurance tohelp pay for the government takeover-but their schemeexemptsthe unions from the tax increases! I'm not making this up.


Along with members of Congress and federal employees, union members have the biggest, richest benefits packages in the nation, but they would be exempted from this new tax.


Let Congress know how you feel about a government takeover of health care by signing Americans for Prosperity's "Hands Off My Health Care" petition today.


Today, is organizing protests at senators' district offices to demand a government-run health insurance plan with the provisions I just described to you.


Well, isn't the only voice in this debate. Americans for Prosperity is joining with many of our Tea Party Patriot friends at our senators' district offices July 17 to protest a government health care grab. The Tea Parties have been a tremendous success because they are coming from you - hard-working men and women who care about what happens to your families and to our country.


Everyone will be hitting the senators' district offices at the same time on July 17. Visit your nearest district office at Noon EDT/11 a.m. CDT/10 a.m. MDT/9 a.m. PDT and demand that he or she protect the freedoms we enjoy - to choose our doctors and to keep the government out of our health decisions. Make sure to bring a copy of our Patients First petition, signed by you and your family!


We've made it easy for you - just click here to find your senators' district offices!


If you haven't yet signed the petition online, telling Congress to keep their Hands Off My Healthcare, sign now! You can start taking action before you even leave your computer.


We will win this battleto protect our health care - if we fight.