Says Lynch needs to stop wasting time and money on the gay marriage issue



Concord -Yesterday it was reported that Massachusetts Attorney General, Martha Coakley, filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). When asked (by nhpoliticalreport.com)about whether or not New Hampshire would sign on to the pending suit,Lynch spokesman, Colin Manning, implied they may be considering it bystating, "Unfortunately, the federal government does not extend the same rights and protections that New Hampshire provides same-sex families, and that should change."


Reacting to this was Cornerstone Director, Kevin Smith, "It is our sincere hope that Governor Lynch does not waste any more of the taxpayer's time and money on the issue of gay marriage. It would seem to me thatwith the Governoralready facing a looming budget deficit hewould not want to shift his priorities to the gay marriage issue againas he did earlier this year."


Smith added, "It is quite amazing though how this Governor went from publically opposing gay marriage asrecently as April and now continues to support the repeal of DOMA. Perhaps this is another reason why his poll numbers have plummeted in the last few months - his wordsimply cannot be trusted."


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