NRCC - Will Carol Shea-Porter Back Small Business Tax to Pay for Government Healthcare Takeover?

Party Bosses Come Calling Again to Pay for Another Budget-Busting Job Killer


Washington- After refusing to face reality for weeks, Democrat leaders will finally have to admit that there is only one way to fund their massive government healthcare takeover: more taxes. After the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office scored the proposal at a whopping $1.5 trillion, top Democrats in Washington have begun to wheel out plans for new taxes as they scramble to come up with a way to pay for a bill that will raise costs and eliminate patients’ available health care options. As party bosses prepare to come calling once again, Carol Shea-Porter will feel the heat to back another massive tax hike.


“Carol Shea-Porter must answer a very simple question: Will she support a tax on small businesses to pay for the Democrats’ government takeover of the healthcare industry?” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Shea-Porter simply cannot have it both ways – she can choose to stand with middle-class New Hampshire families or she will cave to her party bosses with a vote to raise taxes on small business, force millions of Americans off of their current coverage, and potentially destroy five million American jobs. “


After Democrats unveiled their reckless health care plan last month, they remained tight-lipped about plans to pay for it. But now, Shea-Porter's party bosses have begun to leak their plans to pay for a government healthcare takeover. Unsurprisingly, they feature tax hikes as the centerpiece:


“As House Democrats work to finalize their healthcare overhaul discussion draft, sources say CBO has individually scored provisions of the legislation that together approach a total of $1.5 trillion.


“Sources also said House Ways and Means Democrats plan to help pay for the bill by raising taxes on people earning $250,000 or more and taxing sugary beverages.


“The tax on sugary drinks is expected to raise about $50 billion. A previous Ways and Means paper revealed Democrats were considering raising taxes on the wealthy through a 2 percent surtax that would raise $256 billion.” (Anna Edney, “Sources Say House Bill At $1.5 Trillion,” CongressDaily, 7/7/09)


With her party bosses breathing down her neck to fund their $1.5 trillion bill with another tax hike, will Carol Shea-Porter stand up for New Hampshire families or cave under pressure?