NRN Blog Alert: Stop ACORN In The Senate

Barack Obama -- the former attorney for the corrupt Association of Community Organization and Reform Now (ACORN) -- has now nominated for Census Bureau czar a man who (perhaps not surprisingly) refuses to rule out paying ACORN lieutenants tens of millions of tax dollars to, of all things, count the number of Americans who should receive federally funded hand-outs and be allowed to vote.

It is our duty as bloggers to make sure that the story gets out on Robert Groves now.

On May 19 of this year, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) asked Obama Census Czar nominee Robert Groves for a firm commitment that he would not hire ACORN operatives to count the U.S. populace. And it is even less wonder that Mr. Vitter has now put a hold on the Groves' nomination, since Mr. Groves refuses to extend the Senator even the courtesy of a response, let alone a commitment to protect the sanctity of the census from the voraciously corrupt ACORN lieutenants.

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