AJS - Welcome to Michigan Mr. President

Washington, D.C.- As the President arrives in Michigan today Americans for Job Security is welcoming him with a full page advertisement in the local paper the Macomb Daily. Our advertisement asks President Obama to side with workers and small business owners against the Employee “Forced” Choice Act.


“The Employee Forced Choice Act would deliver devastating job losses at a time when our country is struggling to regain our economic footing,” said Stephen DeMaura, President of Americans for Job Security.


The ad highlights some of the recent devastating economic news that is affecting Michigan:


  • GeneralMotors Corporation - Bankrupt
  • Chrysler - Bankrupt
  • Jobs Lost Due to Auto Company

Restructuring - 600,000

  • National Unemployment Rate - 9.5%
  • Michigan Unemployment Rate - 14.1%
  • Metro Detroit Unemployment Rate - 14.9%
  • City of Detroit Unemployment Rate - 23%
  • Projected Job Loss if Employee

Forced Choice Act Passes - 600,000


The advertisement can be seen here: http://savejobs.org/content/Welcome_to_Michigan.pdf


“The Employee Forced Choice Act would both cause hundreds of thousands of Americans to lose their jobs and stifle the creation of millions of new ones,” said Stephen DeMaura President of Americans for Job Security.


Also highlighted within the advertisement is a recent study by Dr. Anne Layne Farrar of the non-partisan Law and Economic Consulting Group (LECG). The study titled “An Empirical Assessment of the Employee Free Choice Act:The Economic Implications” shows passage of the so-called “Employee Free Choice Act,” would cost our country 600,000 jobs in its first year with millions more jobs at risk in years to come.


For more information on Americans for Job Security visit our website at www.SaveJobs.org.