DSCC - Tausch is against Sotomayor

Tausch is against Sotomayor
Monday, July 13 2009 05:05 PM
Press Release

CONCORD, NH STEWARD of Prosperity founder Fred Tausch, of Merrimack, released the following statement today as the Senate Judiciary Committee launches hearings on the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court:

"Chief Justice John Roberts opened his confirmation hearings by saying that a judge should act like anumpireapplying rules but not making them. Senators must bear that in mind as they examine and evaluate Judge Sotomayor's long record of judicial activism. With the nation's highest court having reversed her reasoning in six out of seven opportunities, Committee members will be hard-pressed to deny that she doesn't inject her personal views into her rulings.

"Senators have a solemn 'advice and consent'dutythat charges them with the important job of evaluating the President's judicial nominees. If their intention is to put the Constitution first and protect the Supreme Court from becoming an extra-legislative body, they will reject Judge Sotomayor's nomination."