DSCC - Kelly Ayotte: What They're Saying

Kelly Ayotte: changing her story, breaking her word to people of New Hampshire


NH Political Report: “Before Democratic Gov. John Lynch re-appointed Republican Kelly Ayotte to a full second term as state Attorney General he had an understanding that she would serve the entire term, the governor's spokesman says.” (James Pindell, 7/3/09)


New Hampshire Union Leader: Kelly Ayotte: “Clearly the intent was to continue serving.” (Tom Fahey, 7/7/09)


Politico: Ayotte “uninterested in running for public office.” (Politico, 2/3/09)


Nashua Telegraph: “Ayotte said she never promised to serve out the full term, and alluded to the wild changes in New Hampshire politics in 2009.” (Kevin Landrigan, 7/8/09)


Concord Monitor: Executive Councilor Bev Hollingworth: “never entered my mind that she would be considering not staying. I thought certainly she would be staying on. I'm sure (Gov. Lynch) asked. At least I'm pretty sure he asked what her intentions were.” (Lauren Dorgan, 7/12/09)


Concord Monitor: Councilor Deb Pignatelli of Nashua said that Ayotte's potential departure "occurred to me, but then we were reassured that she intended to fill out her term." (Lauren Dorgan, 7/12/09)


Kelly Ayotte: untested, unproven, unprepared


The Hill: Former Republican National Committeeman Tom Rath: “There’s always a question when you go from one role to another role. It’s never as smooth as people think, and politics is a rough business. ... Until you actually get out there, you just don’t know.” (Aaron Blake, 7/7/09)


The Laconia Citizen: “Whether she will prevail in her bid for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, Kelly Ayotte is a powerful political force, say local observers who differ, however, on whether she has crossover appeal or is just a GOP "maverick" long on ambition but short on legislative experience.” (John Koziol, 7/8/09)


The Hill: “When it becomes official, Republicans will have a Senate candidate with no elective experience who has never run a campaign before. (In New Hampshire, attorneys general are appointed by the governor, not elected.) That can be a blessing, or it can be a disaster. Only time will tell.” (Aaron Blake, 7/7/09)


The Hill: University of New Hampshire Survey Center Director Andrew Smith: “She’s got very positive favorability numbers, but that’s largely because if you’re attorney general, you’re arresting people and putting them in jail and not in a position to annoy people. Her big potential negative is the fact that she hasn’t run before.” (Aaron Blake, 7/7/09)


Kelly Ayotte: faces prospect of bitter, contentious primary


The Hill: “GOPers not yielding to Ayotte yet.” (Aaron Blake, 7/7/09)


Nashua Telegraph: University of New Hampshire Survey Center Director Andrew Smith: “"A lot remains to be seen, she certainly isn't a slam-dunk to winning that race." (Kevin Landrigan, 7/8/09)

Nashua Telegraph: American Research Group President Dick Bennett: “"It may be a good year for Republicans, but this kind of race opens it up for primaries and I don't think she's strong enough to guarantee there won't be one." (Kevin Landrigan, 7/8/09)


Nashua Telegraph: Doug Lambert: “"This could spell trouble in lost enthusiasm for a base seeing little difference between a squishy moderate in the mold of a Susan Collins versus a Paul Hodes. I know I would rather vote for nobody, given that option. Why endure the heartache and heartburn of entrenching such a Republican empowered with incumbency status forever? Is it not better to work on the up-and-coming prospects for the next opportunity.'' (Kevin Landrigan, 7/12/09)


Wall Street Journal: Op-Ed from Brendan Miniter “Mr. Sununu has been mulling a run, as has been up-and-comer Kelly Ayotte, the state's attorney general. But the candidate making the most convincing effort to position himself for a race so far is the neophyte Mr. Tausch.” (Brendan Miniter, 6/30/09)


Washington Post: Chris Cillizza “Enter businessman Fred Tausch, who, as we wrote last week, is a near-lock to run.” (Chris Cillizza, 7/2/09)


Kelly Ayotte: hard-right candidate who opposes a woman’s right to choose


Politico: New Hampshire GOP Party Chairman John Sununu: “I think she’s much more conservative than the press has made her out to be. She’s pretty conservative on the social issues, and she’s extremely conservative on the fiscal issues,” Sununu said in an interview with POLITICO...Asked if she opposed abortion rights, Sununu said: “I believe so. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a formal statement on her part, but having known her over the years, that’s my perception.” (Josh Kraushaar, 7/13/09)