NRN Blog Alert: Action Needed on Hate Crimes Bill

Dear Fellow Blogger,

The Obama push to force through his biased "hate crime" legislation just went into high gear -- and we need to alert all of our readers to call their Senators now!

Here is the urgent note I just received from Lanier Swann, the special assistant to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell:




Moments ago Majority Leader Reid filed a hate crimes amendment to the DOD Authorization Bill. He then filled the tree, which means no amendments can be offered to his amendment, and filed cloture on the amendment.






In other words, Reid -- under the thumb of Obama and Holder -- is attaching the bill to an unrelated defense bill, in order to force senators to vote for it if they want to protect our troops. He is allowing no amendments. And he is calling for cloture to rush the bill through before any debate can take place.


As I pointed out yesterday in the column by ALG Executive Editor Carter Clews, the Obama "hate crimes" bill may be one of the most dangerously bigotted pieces of class warfare legislation ever to come before Congress.


We need to stop it now. So, please sound the alarm to all of your readers!