NetRight Daily: Fed Independence or Fed Secrecy?

Fed Independence or Fed Secrecy?: The public is demanding transparency in government like never before. A majority of the House has cosponsored HR 1207. Yet, Senator Jim DeMint's heroic efforts to attach it to another piece of legislation elicited intense opposition by the Senate leadership.


Backlash of the Basics: In what might, in a well-ordered world, be perceived as "well, duh" legislation, Senator Coburn recently introduced a bill requesting that Congress do one simple thing and one thing alone: simply explain how any action it undertakes is authorized by the Constitution.


Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) Calls for Fiscal Sanity: In this video, Rep. Ed Royce nails it saying, "I think we're digging ourselves into a deeper hole here. And that again is why I really hope that we'll return to some measure of fiscal sanity."


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