DSCC - Nashua Telegraph: Taush Aims Dart At Ayotte

Tausch also entered the realm of state politics accusing Gov. John Lynch and the Legislature of placing the state on the path of an income tax.

He railed against the $110 million raid on the Joint Underwriting Association's surplus that Superior Court Judge Kathleen McGuire could rule on its legality by the end of this month.

"The authors of the state budget who felt it was OK to snatch private property to finance their dangerous growth in spending have landed the state in legal limbo that may result in a huge budget shortfall," Tausch continued. "The governor, attorney general and the legislators who passed the state budget are obligated to explain how they will make up the revenue if Judge McGuire's block on these funds stands. Will we end up with an income tax? A sales tax?"

Gee, who would he really be aiming that dart for with this assault?

That's right, desired senator-to-be Kelly Ayotte.