ALG News Alert: Congressman Parker Griffith (D-AL) Opposes "ObamaCare"

Dear Editor:


Americans for Limited Government just received a breaking update on the developing Blue Dog rebellion against ObamaCare, and we wanted to immediately bring it to your attention


Congressman Parker Griffith (AL-CD5) is the first House Blue Dog Democrat to completely break with his leadership and with Barack Obama, and stand with the American people against the so-called public "option."


In a letter Griffith sent to a constituent (below), he writes, "I do not favor a government-sponsored health care option. I believe that a public option would result in less consumer choice and too much government involvement in health care."


Says ALG President Bill Wilson, "Congressman Griffith deserves the support of all Alabamans in his district, and of all Americans across the nation for opposing the monstrosity now being considered that will eliminate private health options and saddle American taxpayers with an unsustainable entitlement for decades to come."


As developments continue to come in on the critical "ObamaCare" story, ALG News will keep you posted with timely updates.