freekeenenews - Burke to Spend at Least $250 Tax Dollars to Imprison Peaceful Gardener

Tack on another $250 to the thousands of taxpayer dollars spent on imprisoning Keene liberty activists thus far in 2009. For his dastardly crime of “disturbing” the soil in central square (see video of the arrest) in an attempt to plant some tomato seeds earlier this spring, Cory “AnarchoJesse” Maloney will likely be ordered to jail for three days. The robed man at Keene district court, Edward Burke, rejected Maloney’s legal argument which centered around their rule exempting agricultural tilling from the definition of “excavation”, saying he didn’t believe it was the legislator’s intent to override the city ordinances. The city’s ordinance apparently also says that one needs a permit to “disturb” city property.


Maloney was found guilty and $120 demanded of him. He indicated he would not be paying and Burke suggested he think about it for a few days, because the only other option is 3 days in Chez Westmoreland. At over $30,000 per year to imprison people in NH, that’s more than $250 stolen tax dollars for three days. Add that to the over $6,000 already spent imprisoning peaceful activists so far this year.


How much more will they spend on this draconian punishment? How many more peaceful people must have their freedom stolen from them before this tyranny ends?


We know the government people read this blog. If you are one of them, how many more people will you hurt? Isn’t it possible what you’ve been participating in is wrong? That is, imprisoning peaceful people who haven’t harmed others?


I forgive you, and ask you to please stop playing your role in this violent system. Do the right thing.


We expect video of the trial to be available later here at