NetRight Daily: Socialized Health Care Is Failing Fast

Phony Arguments for Costly Plan: The first untruth is that we cannot have truly long-term economic growth until we replace the present health care system with an entirely new government-imposed one. The second untruth is that the plan will end the explosion in health costs. (H/T WSJ)


The Government Takeover of Everything Continues: Much of the so-called "debate" over ObamaCare is a diversion. In addition to the technocratic jargon and minute market manipulations being talked about, the Obama Administration is softening up the American public by propagandizing them on the horrors of the current healthcare system. The president has created an entire website that overwhelms people with ObamaTales of Healthcare Terror.


The Hidden Cost of ObamaCare: There's a small problem. As of 2006, there were approximately 91.5 million people aged 25-65 who fall into that income bracket, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Factor in the nearly 35 million who were 65 and older at that time, and the total figure comes to over 125.8 million who will be eligible for government-administered health care.


Check out the latest video from Dan Mitchell at Cato about Obama going after tax havens.


The U.S. Steers Left on Honduras: When Hugo Chávez makes a personal appeal to Washington for help, as he did 11 days ago, it raises serious questions about the signals that President Barack Obama is sending to the hemisphere's most dangerous dictator.


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