CHQ - 2010 Primaries - Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Finally: Good News for Conservatives
Target- Rich Opportunity in 2010 Primaries and General Election

Conservatives have been justifiably and understandably discouraged, not only in 2009 but for years, as Washington, D.C. politicians engaged in a major expansion of government.

However, because President Obama--Nancy Pelosi--Harry Reid Democrats have moved so fast and far reaching in a massive expansion of government, it appears that conservatives will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make major gains in the November general election, as well as in Democratic and Republican primaries.

All House and Senate members who are associated with Obama (including Republicans and Democrats) should be prime targets in primaries. Then if we fail, we have another bite at the apple in November.

The 2010 election almost certainly will be a referendum on Obama, Pelosi, and Reid policies.

Connecting the popularity polling dots on Obama, Pelosi, and Reid points to them having significantly lower poll numbers in 2010 - which means they will be a major drag on any candidate associated with their policies.

This election needs to be a referendum on whether politicians support Obama's radical socialist agenda, including:

a. Sotomayor and other Obama "empathetic-feeling" judicial nominees
b. Government takeover of health care (including rationing, tax increases, etc., etc.)
c. Cap and Trade: the tax increase and job destroyer
d. The unions' job-killing agenda
e. Depression-causing tax increases (including voiding Bush/GOP tax cuts)
f. Trillion-dollar bail out of Wall Street and car companies
g. Trillion-dollar Stimulus Bill for big business and Democratic Party machine politicians and patrons

Conservatives need to be engaging in candidate recruitment now. Candidate recruitment should also definitely include articulate candidates in Democratic-held seats. If our candidates beat the Democratic incumbent in primaries, great: We'll have two conservatives to choose from in November.

At a minimum, by challenging Democrats in primaries they will have to spend money, time, and other resources to defend their votes for the agendas of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, thereby significantly weakening them in November. And Republicans who failed to oppose Obama-Pelosi-Reid socialism - or worse, aided and abetted it - should be prepared to be seriously challenged.

Now let's all go forth and recruit candidates to oppose Obama-supporting Democrats and Republicans.

The 2010 election could dwarf the conservative successes in 1994.