DNC Releases Televison Ad In South Carolina, District of Columbia, Taking Senator Jim DeMint and "Party of No" to Task for Politicizing Health Care

DeMint Plays Politics With Health Care Reform While Families In South Carolina, And All Across The United States, Suffer Under The Burden Of Skyrocketing Health Care Costs


See "No Plan at All" by Clicking Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzbVNXNW35k



Washington, D.C. – Following Senator Jim DeMint’s admission this morning that he stands by his stunning comment to a right wing attack group that the debate over health care reform will be President Obama’s “Waterloo,” and that he sees the health care debate as an opportunity to "break" the President, the Democratic National Committee released a new television ad today taking the SouthCarolina Senator to task for politicizing an issue that affects every American family while not offering any plan to deal with America's broken health care system. The ad, entitled "No Plan at All," will air on cablenews stationsin Greenville (DeMint's hometown)and Columbia, South Carolina as well as in the District of Columbia. The ad exposes Senator DeMint and the Republican Party’s shameless attempt to "kill" health care reform and "break" the President politically.


“The politicization of health care reform by Senator Jim DeMint and Republicans is a desperate and shameful ploy by the ‘Party of NO’ to score a political win on the backs of struggling American families and small businesses," said DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse. "What’s worse is that this strategy originates from the same Republican Party who ignored health care reform for the past eight years, letting costs spiral out of control while protecting their special interest friends.


“Now that our health caresystem has finally reachedthe breaking point, Senator DeMint and the Republican Party want to run out the clock in hopes of ‘killing’ reform and ‘breaking’ the President," continued Woodhouse. "But, what's ‘broken’ is a supposed major political party dedicatedto ‘killing’ health carereform for purely political reasons whenthe average American family has seen anearly 80 percent increase in their health care premiums in this decade. What's ‘broken’ is a Republican party that insists on saying NO to reforming a system where nearly two-thirds of small businesses cannot afford to insure their employees. As the President has said, this debate cannot and should not be about politics. It’s time for Senator DeMint and the GOP to put partisan political games aside and focus on the job they were elected to do - fixing problems for American families.”


Last week, Senator DeMint, a frequent and persistent critic of the President who, as a leading figure in the "Party of No," has worked to obstruct the President's agenda at every turn, even at the expense of South Carolina's economy and families, told a right wing attack group that health care reform would be President Obama's "Waterloo" and that right wing forces could "break" the President over the issue. DeMint's call to arms, at the time, was the most overt admission by a Republican to date that they intend to politicize the issue of health care reform while refusing to work with the President and Congressional Democrats to fix America's broken health care system. Since then, the likes of Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, and Republican Commentator Bill Kristol have agreed with DeMint's sentiment - hoping for failure in the President's effort to reform America's health care system - the spiraling costs of which are crushing individuals, families and businesses.


Watch "No Plan at All" by Clicking Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzbVNXNW35k