NetRight Daily: Health Care and Tea Party Controversy

The Truth Stinks on Health Care: With Barack Obama insisting that his government-run health care proposals be adopted before the August recess, he is probably better off without the truth being known.


What Happened in Ringgold, VA?: Last Friday, a series of events unfolded that leaves many questions unanswered. At a "Town Hall" function in Ringgold, VA attended by Obama Administration Secretaries Chu and Vilsack and Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA), a series of events began to unfold involving Nigel Coleman, the Danville Tea Party Chairman.


The Unseen Losses of Entrepreneurship: Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison are but a few of the countless luminaries in American history who have captured the imagination of school children for their innovative spirit as private sector entrepreneurs. Their contributions, along with millions of unsung entrepreneurs, have made America the leader in almost every economic indicator since it's conception.


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