Fergus Cullen Announces He's Writing for The Union Leader Commentary Section

Starting today, theNew Hampshire Union Leader is resuming my regular editorial page column.As in my earlier stint from 2005-2006, I expect to write on NH politics a little more than half the time, and about other things New Hampshire the rest of the time.


Today's column breaks some news. For what I believe is the first time anywhere in the country, the Union Leader today publishes online everyline item of congressional office spending for NH's members of congress, Reps. Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes, for the 2007-2008 session of congress.


The reports reveal that Shea-Porter spent $17,000 in taxpayer dollars on a political consultant; that Paul Hodes sent more franked mail than all but one of New England's 22 members of congress; that Shea-Porter's $124,000 a year chief-of-staff appears to have traveled to NH to help with her campaign last fall and then billed the taxpayers for his travel expenses, including $1,800 in hotel bills in the month of October alone; and that Shea Porter spent 99.7% of her budget in 2007, leaving just $4,425 in the Treasury.


Read the whole column here. And when you're done, please consider leaving a comment on the Union Leader website.


You can also download the reports and sort them yourself.


You can also email me at ferguscullen@aol.com.



Fergus Cullen