NetRight Daily: Blue Dogs, Waiting in Lines and Socialized Health Care

Fellow Bloggers,

Harry Reid announced earlier today that he would not consider any Health Care legislation until the Senate returns from the August recess. This means that we need to ramp up coverage between now and then to make sure that they do not bring the bill back in the fall. We have won the first fight but now we need to fight even harder on this go around. We did this last year with energy and were successful. We can do it again. Here are today's top stories on NetRight Nation and other relevant information:


Rep. Akin (R-MO): Opposed to Socialized Health Care: President Obama and Speaker Pelosi are demanding that Congress immediately pass a sweeping government takeover of America's healthcare system and the nearly twenty percent of the nation's economy it represents. They demand this be done without a proper accounting of the program and what it means when it comes to rationed care and placing bureaucrats between patients and their doctors.


Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH): My Constituents Would Love to Wait in Line: In what can only be a false statement, Rep. Shea-Porter claims that her constituents would "love" to wait in line to receive medical care. With news that the Senate will not be considering Health Care legislation until after the August recess, Shea-Porter will now be able to spend a nice month in New Hampshire where she will surely be getting the good treatment that she deserves for making comments like this in the video...


Mayo Clinic Fights the Cancer of Government Intervention: When looking for ways to make health care less expensive, Congress would do well not to overlook the Mayo Clinic. Not that they could. The acclaimed medical group appears to have launched a major offensive against Obamacare, citing their own experience trying to provide coverage despite limitations placed on them by the current system.


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