NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter Green-Lights Massive Tax Hikes

New Hampshire Dem Endorses Job-Killing Agenda with Support of Paygo Sham


Washington- Carol Shea-Porter handed Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat leaders a free pass to tax New Hampshire businesses and families to the hilt today. By voting for the Democrats’ so-called Paygo bill, Shea-Porter gave the go-ahead for her party leaders to spend all the taxpayer money they want – and virtually ensured that they would have to raise taxes to do so.


Though Democrats have tried to sell their Paygo sham as a step toward fiscal responsibility, the ugly truth is that the bill is a free pass to spend taxpayers’ money and stick them with the bill:


“[T]he President is trying to give Democrats in Congress political cover for the health-care blowout and tax-increase votes that he knows are coming... The other goal of this new paygo campaign is to make it easier to raise taxes in 2011, and impossible to cut taxes for years after that.” (“The ‘Paygo’ Coverup,” Wall Street Journal, 6/12/09)


“Carol Shea-Porter likes to play the ‘fiscal responsibility’ game, but the dirty truth is that she just gave her party leaders a blank check signed by New Hampshire taxpayers,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “As Shea-Porter and her Democrat friends attempt to push an agenda that is bankrupting the middle class, the last thing New Hampshire families want to see is a free pass for Nancy Pelosi to squeeze as much money out of them as she pleases.”




Senate Dems and policy experts think the House Paygo plan is empty: “House Democrats’ pay-as-you-go bill does not impress its Senate counterparts or various budget experts, who argue the legislation isn't as strong as the rules now in place... [S]enior Democrats in the upper chamber aren't eager to take up the legislation, arguing that it will do little to rein in deficits.” (Walter Alarkon, “House Dems Not Winning Over Critics with Pay-As-You-Go Legislation,” The Hill, 7/21/09)


Democrats are using Paygo as a building block for their tax-hiking, big-government agenda: “Paygo also can be used to justify all kinds of new taxes — from a Euro-style value-added tax to cap-and-trade levies. Since entitlements — the fastest-growing part of the budget — are excluded from Paygo, it won't stop the inexorable growth of government. It won't even slow it down much.” (“The President’s Paygo Schtick,” Investor’s Business Daily, 6/10/09)


Even liberal allies see through the Paygo sham: “‘Concerned that a slew of early PAYGO waivers would undermine the law's long-term effectiveness, Robert Greenstein, executive director of the liberal-oriented Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, told the [House Budget] committee: ‘It makes no sense to put in place a pay-as-you-go rule that says these extensions must be paid for when everyone knows they will not be.’” (David Dickson, “White House Pushes Pay-As-You-Go Bill,” Washington Times, 6/26/09)