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After the President Obama’s Wednesday evening prime time press conference, many news reports indicated that the President has dispatched his top aides to Capitol Hill to try and get a vote in Congress before the August recess. As the White House steps up the pressure on Congress to pass a health care bill, The Heritage Foundation is providing up-to-the-minute analysis of the debate.


There is a big push to move this legislation through Congress now because as the American people learn more about it, they are voicing their opposition.


According to, Capitol Hill offices are receiving 20 calls against government-run health care for every ONE call for it.


In Dallas, Texas yesterday, 30 protestors had planned to demonstrate in front of Sen. John Cornyn’s state office in support of government-run health care. When they arrived, they found 100 local Tea Party activists demonstrating against it.


The debate is changing all the time as lawmakers try to “make a deal,” so I wanted to highlight our most recent research and analysis items for you. Please feel free to use this research as background information if you want to write letters to the editor, on your blog, in your twitter feed, or if you want to express your opinions to your member of Congress. And, please feel free to forward to people who you think need more information on the issue.


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