CHQ - MoveOn.Org Gets Swamped by Tea Partiers!

Tea Partiers Unite!
American Conservative - It's time to Move Over, MoveOn! When a group of liberal activists from showed up to protest outside Senator John Cornyn's Dallas office, they got a very unpleasant surprise. [Find the Article at News From The Front]

In Case You Missed It Chairman Richard Viguerie's Puts "Obama" Candidates On Notice
Viguerie Blog - Chairman Richard Viguerie puts Democrats aligned with Obama (and Republicans who aren't against him) on notice in a strategy memo to conservatives about the 2010 primary. Viguerie, who is encouraging conservative Democrats to run in Democratic primaries, says "all House and Senate members who are associated with Obama (including Republicans and Democrats) should be prime targets. . ." Viguerie says this strategy will bleed Obama-associated candidates of campaign funds, making them easier to pick-off in the general election. "At a minimum, by challenging Democrats in primaries, they will have to spend money, time, and other resources to defend their votes for the agendas of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid," says Viguerie, noting "the 2010 election could dwarf the conservative successes in 1994." [read the memo here]

Daily Lickskillet: What will happen on Sally Python's expedition to find Big Foot? Click here to find out.


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