CEI - Policy Wonk-Speak Translated on New YouTube Channel

Do you look for ways to comment on boring? complicated political or policy issues in a way that doesn’t make your readers’ eyes glaze over? So do we. That’s why we (the Competitive Enterprise Institute) are launching this new video series and YouTube channel called “Policy Translated.” A policy wonk explains how law makers and special interests are really screwing up going wrong - bailing out banks, regulating the Internet or meddling in some other important part of our lives. And then subtitles translate the wonk-speak into English (or, maybe Urban Dictionary English). The project is the brilliant idea of the new Bureaucrash “Crasher-in-Chief” Lee Doren all the brilliant people at CEI.


We thought you might want to blog about “Policy Translated” and post it to your website – or re-gift it to a friend who might be interested. What do you think?