NH DOC - Donated Clothing Eases Release of State Prison Inmates

(Concord, NH) Inmates finishing their prison sentences at the New Hampshire State Prison for Men no longer leave in their prison uniforms thanks to a new cooperative program with the Catholic Diocese of New Hampshire and spearheaded by Unit Manager Kathleen Anderson. Corrections Commissioner William L. Wrenn announced that several Catholic parishes are donating all sizes of clothing that can be provided to inmates who reach their maximum release date.


“This initiative saves taxpayer dollars, promotes public safety, and assists inmates returning to the community. We are truly grateful to the Catholic Diocese and all who support this program for their assistance,” Commissioner Wrenn said.


It saves tax dollars because each time an inmate leaves with his prison uniform there is a cost to the Department. It promotes public safety because New Hampshire citizens can respond in unpredictable ways if they see an unsupervised individual wearing a prison uniform in their communities. The inmate receives a more positive response when he goes on a job interview or apartment hunting than he might while wearing a prison uniform.


Inmates who exit from a transitional housing unit normally wear street clothes but inmates that reach the maximum release date of their sentence do not have that opportunity.


Approximately two hundred inmates leave prison annually upon reaching their maximum release date.