NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter Squares Off against Local Businesses

Prominent Business Groups Speak Up as Shea-Porter's Party Attempts to Force Government Healthcare Takeover


Washington- With businesses and business groups across the country speaking out against the Democrats’ government healthcare takeover, Carol Shea-Porter is once again squarely at odds with job creators in her New Hampshire congressional district. As the devastating economic impact of the Democrats’ bill becomes clearer, opposition continues to mount against the latest piece of the majority party’s anti-jobs agenda.


Londonderry’s TradeSource, Inc. joined 39 national business organizations as well as groups across the country to pen a letter telling Democrats in Congress that their push toward government-run healthcare would have devastating consequences:


“The creation of a new government-run insurance plan is a step in the wrong direction. Employers currently suffer a significant cost-shift from existing public programs, and the program described in House legislation would significantly increase costs for every American who purchases private insurance.” (Letter from National and Local Business Associations to Members of Congress, 7/24/09)


“As if it wasn’t obvious that Carol Shea-Porter's anti-jobs agenda is squarely at odds with businesses and families in New Hampshire, she and her party are now facing off against the engines of economic recovery,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “New Hampshire families know the dangers of a healthcare bill that could kill millions of jobs, but Carol Shea-Porter seems more concerned with pushing her party’s government healthcare takeover at all costs.”


Text of the letter can be found here.