NRSC - Health Care Questions For Paul Hodes' Tele-Town Hall Tonight

WASHINGTON – As U.S. Representative Paul Hodes (D-NH) prepares for tonight’s health care tele-town hall, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) posed the following questions for the Granite State’s Democrat Senate candidate:


  • Will Paul Hodes vote against any health care legislation that is not revenue neutral?


  • Some House Democrat leaders have proposed to pay for this massive legislation by passing a surtax that would disproportionately affect small businesses. At a time when unemployment is rising and small businesses are struggling, will Paul Hodes vote against any health care bill that would raise taxes on small businesses?


  • Does Congressman Hodes support a public option – also known as government-run health care – which is a key a priority for the President and Democrat leaders in Congress?


  • Does Paul Hodes support the House health care reform bill’s provision to expand Medicare and Medicaid programs without reform, ignoring the pending insolvency of programs that millions of seniors and families rely upon and resulting in benefit cuts and premium increases for Americans who depend on these programs?


  • Does Paul Hodes support a smaller, more focused approach that would insure those who are uninsured and lower health care costs for those who cannot afford their current plans?


To ask Congressman Hodes these questions and others, dial into his tele-town hall meeting tonight at 7:40 PM by calling 877-229-8493; 14631#