- Peter Schiff Just Inches Behind Dodd!

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Peter Schiff poll : Schiff Within 3% of Beating Chris Dodd - And he hasn't even decided to RUN!!!


Peter Schiff, President of Euro Pacific Capitol, in a recent poll has shown that he is within 3% of beating Chris Dodd in the Connecticut Senate race in 2010. What is truly amazing about these poll results is that Peter Schiff has not even decide to run for Senate. A few weeks ago, he announced an exploratory committee to test his support for a possible run at Senate in CT.


2010 Senate: General Election (trends)
Simmons 48%, Dodd 39%
Dodd 42%, Caligiuri 40%
Dodd 42%, Foley 42%
Dodd 43%, Schiff 38%


Another truly amazing aspect is that Peter Schiff has agreed that should he not run for Senate due to lack of financial support, he will REFUND all donations. This is unheard of in any campaign. 100% guarantee that donations will not be wasted. Be sure to pledge your support:


Here is the latest video produced by grassroots supporters to promote Peter Schiff's money bomb August 7th