Sam Adams Alliance - American Majority Announces New Online Training for Candidates

Setting Brushfires of Freedom


The Sam Adams Alliance is proud to inform you of a great opportunity to advance the cause of liberty. Our friends at American Majority are offering online training for individuals running for elected office as well as their campaign staff and citizens looking to take their game to the next level.

AM has made available 12 on-demand courses as part of their online training regimen. These courses are divided into two tracks of training: campaign and activist.


Subscribers will have the option of enrolling in three or six month tracks. Both offer unlimited viewing for you, your campaign team, or activist group for that period.


AM and SAA encourage candidates and activist groups to buy the course and view it together to save money. The goal of the courses is to inform and empower as many liberty-minded people as possible while being cost-effective. The unlimited viewing over the course of three or six months also gives campaigns and/or organizations the ability to consistently train new volunteers and activists.


Please take a moment and enjoy thesefree previews.


I highly recommend you take advantage of this great opportunity to learn from some of the finest campaign and activism minds in the country. You can learn more about a training near you at