NH Cold Case Legislation

Representative Jordan Ulery (r-Hudson, Pelham, Litchfield) co-sponsored with Pete Hinkle the recently signed “Cold Case” bill. He was present along with representatives of the Attorney General’s Office, Department of Safety, State Police and the members of the Gloddy family for the signing Wednesday afternoon. Kathy Lynn Gloddy was killed in 1971 and the family struggled with the help of Lt. Horak (ret. Merrimack PD) and PI Tom Shamshank to find the killer. The Gloddy family was instrumental in pushing forward this landmark bill.


Said Representative Ulery, “This unit will enable the Department of Justice and the Department of Safety to dedicate the necessary man hours to dormant, but not forgotten cases.” “The busy lives of police often, by sheer volume, force important cases to receive less direct attention than the law enforcement agencies would like to give” opined Ulery in committee testimony. This unit will enable the agencies to spend the time they need to bring closure to families was the consensus of sponsors and agencies alike.


Funding for the unit was secured through the efforts of former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte. The continuing cost of the unit is limited to personnel and occasional investigative directly related expenses according to Commissioner John Barthelmes. “That fiscally sound funding process is greatly appreciated considering the budget crisis we are in” stated Ulery.


Representative Ulery, himself a Private Investigator, introduced past president of New Hampshire League of Investigators (NHLI), John Healy to the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee of the House as part of the process to explain the importance of establishing a Cold Case Unit. NHLI has been involved in working pro bono on several MA and New Hampshire cold murder cases for several years. All work is done with the knowledge of, but separate from, the Department of Justice and the State Police.


Also credited with introducing the family impact aspect of cold cases to House Members was the Molly Bish Institute. That entity, located at Regina College in MA, was founded by the family after their teenaged daughter disappeared from her summer lifeguard job in Warren, MA. NHLI and their colleagues in the Licensed Private Detective Association of Massachusetts (LPDAM) have worked with the Molly Bish Institute for several years working on cold cases in both states. Representative Ulery sponsored John Bish as a speaker before the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee during his first term in the House.


Supporting this bill had special meaning to Representative Ulery. His family was a victim of violent crime in the past. Representative Ulery’s aunt was violently murdered by her ex-boyfriend in Chicago many years ago. His aunt was with the Representative’s mother and another sister in a White Castle restaurant in Chicago when the murder occurred. That event affected his mother and her family for decades following.


Jordan G. Ulery

Member 161st New Hampshire General Court - House

Republican - Hillsborough 27