CEI Weekly: EPA Takes Heat Over Suppressed Global Warming Report

>>EPA Gets Additional Pressure On Suppressed Climate Change Report

Senator Inhofe Calls for Inquiry



The EPA Silences a Climate Skeptic



CEI Demands the EPA Reopen Global Warming Proceedings:

Get the full scoop on the report and the author:




>>Shaping the Debate

ACES Up Her Sleeve

William Yeatman and Jeremy Lott in The American Spectator



Media Ignore Negative Aspects of Obama Agenda

Hans Bader in The Washington Examiner



Standing Athwart Nationalization

John Berlau in The American Spectator



Why the Madoff Sentence is Too Long

Eli Lehrer in The National Review Online



Nationalization Review

John Berlau in The American Spectator




>>Best of the Blogs

Obama Silences Science: Is This the Change We Were Promised?

by William Yeatman

President Barack Obama rode into the White House promising open and honest government. So why did his administration bully a career official at the Environmental Protection Agency into silence? Last week, the Competitive Enterprise Institute released a 98 page report written by Alan Carlin, a 38 year veteran of the EPA, on the shaky science employed by global warming alarmists. . . But the EPA would not consider Carlin’s report.



Goodbye, Mary Lou: Tribute to a Great Journalist and Editor

by John Berlau

CEI President Fred Smith yesterday expressed all of our condolences on the death of Washington Times Commentary editor and veteran Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mary Lou Forbes. . . "In 1959, she became one of the first female reporters to garner a Pulitzer Prize, for her coverage of desegregation for the Washington Star."



Supreme Court Rules in Favor of White and Hispanic Firefighters in Ricci v. DeStefano

by Hans Bader

The Supreme Court has just ruled in favor of white and Hispanic firefighters, who were denied promotions when the City of New Haven threw out the exam they scored highest on, citing the fact that no black firefighter scored high enough. In Ricci v. DeStefano, the Court reversed a decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, including Judge Sonia Sotomayor, whom Obama has nominated to the Supreme Court.



Obama's Call for Light Bulb Regulation Not a New or Bright Idea

by Alex Hankins

The White House now wants to force lamp and light bulb manufacturers to make their products use less energy. This plan appears modeled after the ambitious fuel efficiency standards applied to the now decimated auto industry and Obama’s orderto the Department of Energy to mandate increased efficiency for household appliances.



America's Ranking Crisis

by Jack O'Connor

Much ink has been spilled over the claim that the US is “falling behind” in broadband. . .We did some digging, and if we are in a ranking crisis, it’s even broader than we feared. The US ranks 12th in the world in per capita pork consumption, behind such unlikely competitors as Spain, Sweden, and Canada. We’re 12th and 13th in coffee and beer drinking, trailing Northern Europe by embarrassing margins.




>>CEI in the News

The Washington Examiner--Sam Kazman



The San Francisco Chronicle--William Yeatman



CNS News--Myron Ebell



Insurance and Financial Advisor News--Eli Lehrer



The National Review--John Berlau





Episode 49: Censoring Science at the EPA

We begin with discussion of the abominable Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill, the scandal of suppressed science at the EPA and some liberating technology news. We then move on to some heartening beer news, regime change in Honduras and up-to-the minute analysis of the Supreme Court’s verdict in Ricci v. DeStefano with CEI Senior Attorney Hans Bader. As always, we wrap the program up with a little forward-looking Olympic News.




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