NRCC - Carol Shea-Porter Yet to Answer: Where Are the Jobs?

With 467,000 Jobs Lost in June, Shea-Porter Appears to be Exacerbating the Current Economic Recession


Washington- With June unemployment numbers painting a grim picture for another consecutive month, Carol Shea-Porter's support for her party leaders’ destructive economic agenda becomes more and more toxic. Shea-Porter supported the $787 billion ‘stimulus’ plan, which passed a mountain of new debt onto New Hampshire families and promised to create new jobs, but is yet to create any hint of economic recovery.


“Carol Shea-Porter needs to answer the simple question: Where are the jobs?” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “From the day she supported Nancy Pelosi for Speaker to her support of a trillion dollar ‘stimulus,’ Carol Shea-Porter continues to offer up failed policies that have accomplished little or even exacerbated the current economic recession. So far, Shea-Porter's only prescription for an ailing economy has consisted of deficit-spending and government growth, not job growth.”


Today, the Department of Labor announced that an additional 467,000 Americans lost their jobs in June. With New Hampshire unemployment already projected at 6.5 percent (May 2009), the national unemployment rate rose yet again in June and reached a 26-year high of 9.5 percent. How much worse can it get in New Hampshire?


According to the Associated Press, the nationwide unemployment increase is expected to continue for the foreseeable future:


“Even if companies slow the pace of layoffs, they will be reluctant to hire until they feel certain the economy is back on its feet. That's why economists are forecasting a continued rise in the unemployment rate over the next year. It's expected to hit 10 percent this year.


“Many think it could rise as high as 10.7 percent by the second quarter of next year before it starts to make a slow descent. Some think the rate will top out at 11 percent.” (Jeannine Aversa, “June Jobless Rate Seen Rising to 9.6 Percent,” Associated Press, 7/2/09)


As Carol Shea-Porter and Democrat leaders scramble to defend their job killing agenda, New Hampshire families are left to wonder: where are the jobs? And how much higher will unemployment rise before Carol Shea-Porter finally makes her constituents’ values a higher priority than Nancy Pelosi’s political agenda?