Rising Tide of Taxes and Fees - Josiah Bartlett Report of July 2009

Thought you might all be interested (if you haven't already seen this report) in this budget info...thanks to Charlie Arlinghaus of the Josiah Barlett Center for Public Policy, a NH think tank. This report outlines at least 38 new taxes and fees.


Summary: So far this year, the legislature has passed 38 new or increased taxes and fees that are budgeted to raise $318.6 million over two years. For historical comparisons, there were 29 new taxes and fees passed in the previous two years. In previous legislative sessions, the low has been 9 in 2003-4 with 20 in both 2001-2 and 2005-6. The majority of tax and fee increases have been passed separately from the budget itself.


New Hampshire State Budget as of July 2009