Concord - Today, CPR-ActionExecutive Director,Kevin Smith,commented on the recent pollsconducted by UNH and the American Research Group whichindicate that Governor Lynch's approval and disapprovalnumbersare at the lowest and highestlevelsduring his tenure.


"Clearly the Governor having broken his word to the voters on gay marriage has had a negativeeffect on his popularity," Smith said. "Couple that with voter frustration over his inability to provide leadership on state finances and signing a budget that was bloated with morespending; suddenly people are realizing theseare not the New Hampshire values they thought they had voted for."


Smith added, "I think the voters are now waking up to the fact that this Governor cannot say 'no' to the far-left wing of his party - and they are voicing their displeasureat that."


According to the UNH poll, more voters (28%-19%)are more likely to vote against Governor Lynch in the next election because he signed gay marriage into law.