NetRight Daily: Honduras, Health Care and Obama Destruction

Honduras at the Tipping Point: Hundreds of emails from Hondurans flooded my in-box last week after I reported on the military's arrest of President Manuel Zelaya, as ordered by the Supreme Court, and his subsequent banishment from the country.


Honduras Protest Photos: These photos were sent to me over the weekend from people attending protests in Honduras. I figured I would share these with all of you.


Will Obama Blackmail Honduras?: Last Sunday, Honduras removed its would-be dictator, Mel Zelaya, who flouted court rulings by using intimidation to try to get Hondurans to change their constitution to allow him to extend his tenure in office. The country's Supreme Court issued an arrest warrant for Zelaya, which the military enforced by seizing Zelaya and kicking him out of the country. The country's legislature then voted almost unanimously to replace him with its legislative speaker, in accord with the country's constitution.


Honduran Protesters Use NRN Cartoons: On two separate occasions, two cartoons were picked up off this site and used as political protest signs in Honduras. Our cartoonist, William Warren, deserves a lot of credit for his good work. The two cartoons used were: The Obama Doctrine and Viva Democracy.


Rep. Michael Burgess Discusses Health Care: Congressman Michael Burgess took some time to talk to a reporter about the Health Care issues in congress right now.


It's the Government, Stupid!:With the nation gripped by financial crisis, the Obama Administration still treats the economy with an ostensible cure that's worse than the disease. Barack Obama has created a commission to investigate what caused the bubbles—by further empowering the very people who caused this crisis: The Federal Reserve.


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