ALG Urges Senate Committee to Reject Valenzuela Nomination to State Department

Americans for Limited Government wanted to specially bring your attention to a nominee that deserves the mutual, editorial condemnation of journalists across the nation and around the world: Arturo Valenzuela, Barack Obama's nominee for Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs. Why?


According to a former colleague, "He had also loudly defended Venezuela's narcissist-leninist Hugo Chavez on press freedom in previous meetings at Freedom House." This is no small matter, and should be cause for concern for anyone that values the freedom of the press.


Hugo Chavez's record on press freedom is atrocious. Just this year, Chavez has threatened to shut down Globovision because the television station criticized the Venezuelan dictator. Globovision is the only channel left in Venezuela where citizens can hear criticism against Chavez.


Valenzuela is on the wrong side of this and other issues critical to liberty in the Americas, and ALG urges you to take a sharp line against this very poor nomination to the State Department.


ALG News Bureau