DSCC - Union Leader: Ayotte: My 'intent was to continue serving'

TOM FAHEY 7/7/09

Concord – Outgoing Attorney General Kelly Ayotte told UnionLeader.com today that she and Gov. John Lynch discussed her possible resignation last week.


“I hadn’t made any decision at that point, but we talked about the fact that I was considering this. I felt it was important to keep him informed.”


As for telling the governor she planned to serve her four-year term when he reappointed her in March, Ayotte said: “I would say that at the time of my reappointment no one could have predicted the political future. The political landscape has changed drastically since then. Clearly the intent was to continue serving, but I think in fairness no one could have predicted the changes that have occurred on the political landscape.”


She said, “It was a very difficult decision to resign as attorney general, but it was an important one if I wanted to explore a run for the Senate.”


She would not discuss what kind of pressure she was under from family, state political figures or the national Republican party.


“Many people have been urging me to run, but ultimately this was a decision for my husband and me,” she said.


Ayotte said she would not engage in any more detailed discussion of her decision or her plans until after she is out of office July 17.