NH’s Attorney General Jumps Ship, Breaks Pledge to People of New Hampshire – Explains it Away With “Change in Political Landscape”


Just four months after Kelly Ayotte gave her word to New Hampshire Governor John Lynch that she would serve out her full term as Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte announced yesterday she is quitting as Attorney General in order to prepare a run for the U.S. Senate. Ayotte justified breaking her promise to the people of New Hampshire by saying that there has been a “change in the political landscape.” But nothing has changed in New Hampshire since March when Ayotte was reappointed Attorney General.Senator Judd Gregg announced his retirement in February.


“The people of New Hampshire deserve a U.S. Senator who will level with them, tell them the truth, and most of all, stick to their word,” said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Communications Director Eric Schultz. “Kelly Ayotte’s first move out of the gate was to break a pledge and quit on the people of New Hampshire.But if her explanation is that things have changed, voters have a right know what she is talking about.”


For reference:

Judd Gregg Announced Retirement in February. On February 12, Judd Gregg announced his retirement along with the withdrawal of his nomination to serve as Commerce Secretary. [Union Leader, 2/13/09]


Ayotte Reappointed AFTER Gregg’s Decision to Retire. As reported by the Union Leader, Ayotte was reappointed to her position AFTER Judd Gregg had announced his decision to retire from the Senate. [Union Leader, 7/7/09]


AYOTTE: Political Landscape Has Changed Since Reappointment. Yesterday, Ayotte said, “I would say that at the time of my reappointment no one could have predicted the political future. The political landscape has changed drastically since then. Clearly the intent was to continue serving, but I think in fairness no one could have predicted the changes that have occurred on the political landscape.” [Union Leader, 7/7/09]