National Ballot Initiative Newsletter

On June 26th, 2009, Governor Kulongoski signed HB 2895, which allows statements, from a Citizens' Initiative Review panel to be printed in the 2010 Voter's Pamphlet. Congratulations Oregonians! This is the first time any initiative procedure in the United States has incorporated a citizen jury. You can confirm this by taking a look at our new comparison of NI4D with existing state initiative law. Please check it out.


A number of blogs written by our community members have been added to Please visit and see if there is anything of particular interest to you.


Many people are caught in a rut. They know the current system isn't working, but they have trouble imagining how a democratic process would work without the chains of the current flawed system. They accept systemic flaws as universal truths through their inability to see alternatives that could correct existing flaws. As an experiment, The Democracy Foundation is launching a new wiki toward developing an understanding of how an independent deliberative lawmaking process would enable us to think differently about the current problems we face under the existing paradigm of representative government. Please visit to participate. The Democracy Foundation does not endorse or oppose any position on any particular substantiative issue.


We remain two authors short of the five we need to begin voting on the journalism contest. Entrants so far include:,-so-what-does-he-want


We have added the option of using Google checkout for your donations. Please visit to avail this new option.