NH GOP - Lynch Numbers Plummet

Embattled Governor’s Job Approval Ratings Drop To Lowest Level Since 2005 While Disapproval Ratings Hit All Time High


CONCORD – In the wake of his decisions to impose new job-killing taxes and break his word on same-sex marriage, embattled Governor John Lynch’s job approval ratings have plummeted according to two new statewide polls. The surveys, conducted by the University of New Hampshire and the American Research Group, both show that the number of New Hampshire citizens who disapprove of Lynch’s job performance has skyrocketed to the highest levels ever recorded during his tenure as governor.


“For years, Governor Lynch has managed to obscure his weak leadership by intentionally avoiding the difficult issues facing the state. But during these challenging times people are finally realizing that the Governor’s unwillingness to address critical, long-term problems is threatening to destroy New Hampshire’s future,” said NHGOP Communications Director Ryan Williams.


“New Hampshire families are beginning to understand that they cannot afford more of John Lynch’s failed leadership, higher taxes, record spending and broken promises. Now more than ever, it’s clear that the state needs a new governor.”


According to results released Friday by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, Governor Lynch’s approval ratings have dropped 11 points while his disapproval ratings have spiked 15 points since February, 2009. Under Lynch’s watch, the percentage of citizens who feel that New Hampshire is headed “seriously off on the wrong track,” has jumped 11 points to 38% - the highest level of voter dissatisfaction recorded since June, 2003. The poll also shows that more people are less likely to vote to re-elect Governor Lynch because of his decision to break his word and legalize same-sex sex marriage. Lynch had previously pledged to oppose same-sex marriage during his gubernatorial campaigns, but folded under pressure from the radical wing of his party and legalized it in June.


A similar study released last week by the American Research Group confirms that the Governor’s job approval has reached record lows. According to the group’s polling results, Governor Lynch’s approval ratings have dropped 16 points and his disapproval ratings jumped 12 points since December, 2008.


Governor Lynch’s sharp decline in popularity comes at a time when voters are becoming increasingly frustrated with his botched handling of the state budget crisis and his willingness to break his campaign promises. Lynch is also becoming increasingly powerless and irrelevant within his own party and has lost the clout needed to force the liberal legislature to kill controversial bills before they reach his desk. As the sitting Governor, Lynch was excluded from Politics Magazine’s recent list of the top 40 most influential New Hampshire Democrats - even though members of the radical Democrat House and Senate leadership managed to make the cut.


Governor Lynch’s problems only look to get worse in the coming weeks as his ill-conceived budget could unravel as a result of a legal challenge to his attempted theft of $110 million from the New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association (JUA).


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