CEI Weekly: Policy Peril

>>[VIDEO]Policy Peril: Why Global Warming Policies Are More Dangerous Than Global Warming Itself

Senior Fellow Marlo Lewis explains the truth about global warming in hisnew film, Policy Peril. Marlo covers everything from hurricanes and sea level rise to cap and trade and the influence of big business. Watch the entire documentary - or any of ten short excerpts - at CEI On Demand.



>>Shaping the Debate

Regulators Likely to Green-Light Microsoft, Yahoo Deal

Ryan Radia quoted in E-commerce Times



Microsoft-Yahoo Search Pact Raises Antitrust Issues

Ryan Young quoted in Investor's Business Daily via Yahoo Finance



Protection Is a Team Effort

Eli Lehrer op-ed in The Miami Herald



Auto Insurance Works – So Why Doesn’t Health Insurance?

Eli Lehrer article in NewMajority.com



Legal Restrictions Won’t Help Ensure Privacy Online

Ryan Radia letterin The New York Times




>>Best of the Blogs

Prof. Gates’ property rights likely violated in arrest — but Obama was wrong to weigh in

by John Berlau

"Charging. . .Gates with disorderly conduct for yelling at the officer in Gates’ own home was an improper and likely unconstitutional infringement on both Gates’ free speech and property rights . . . But I alsobelieve President Obama should not have weighed in on this or any other pending legal dispute."



A Bailout for the First Amendment?

by Wayne Crews

"A press funded, promoted, propped up, subsidized by government is not a free press. Nor is it in any position to be a watchdog; it’s more likely to become a megaphone for the states preferred ideas and expansion of government in other spheres, like health care, energy, finance, telecommunications, scientific research and policy and so on."



Put it in quotes: health care “reform”

by Fran Smith

"Robert J. Samuelson has a hard-hitting column in today’s Washington Post on the non-reform elements of the health care reform package . . . As the Congressional Budget Office noted in its devastating assessment, the proposals don’t represent fundamental changes and won’t reduce future health spending"



Food Police Attack Denny’s Over Salt

by Greg Conko

"Unfortunately, lawsuits like these are bad news for companies like Denny’s. Most people won’t bother to see what the facts are, they’ll just hear that Denny’s is being sued for harming customers and it’ll tarnish the chain’s reputation. It’s one reason why so many unmeritorious lawsuits get settled — it’s much easier to pay the plaintiffs, change your behavior in small ways, and be done with it. Still, I hope Denny’s decides to fight this one in court. It’s about time someone started standing up to these bullies. And, if Denny’s does go to court, I for one will make an effort to eat at a Denny’s restaurant more often."



Three Cheers for Capitalism and Peter Leeson

by Kevin Hilferty

"How then does one respond to those who are unwilling to fully accept that capitalism is the best economic system? Thankfully, Dr. Peter Leeson, an associate professor at George Mason University, has come up with a great answer in his new paper entitled “Two Cheers for Capitalism”. In the paper Leeson argues that capitalism, as a path toward development, deserves three cheers (not the two that most people reluctantly give it).




>>LibertyWeek podcast

Episode 53: The Real Crooks of New Jersey

Your host Richard Morrison welcomes back returning guest co-hosts Michelle Minton and Jeremy Lott for Episode 53. We start with the strings attached to the bailout, Boston’s fight over FiOS, and the dangerous side effects of Obamacare. We then move on to a massive New Jersey corruption scandal, a lemon of a subsidy program and some heavily-armed Olympic News.




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