NH Sen. Bob Letourneau Tells Congress "No" to ObamaCare

Joins 1,800 State Lawmakers in Nationwide Effort to Preserve States’ Rights;

Stop Single-Payer


Concord, NH –Sen. Bob Letourneau signed onto an official letter from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to Congressional leaders, which was delivered on July 29, expressing the will of more than 1,800 state legislators opposing federal reform efforts—particularly, the Medicare-modeled “public plan” and a national health insurance exchange—which will trample states’ rights and lead Americans down the road to single-payer health care.


“While there is room for real improvement, this plan will change forever the way Americans receive their heath care, and not in a positive fashion. I am concerned with how this will affect our seniors,” said Letourneau.


The members of ALEC—the nation’s largest nonpartisan, individual membership association of state legislators—recently approved the Resolution on Preserving States’ Rights Regarding Federal Health Insurance Exchanges and a Public Plan, which deems the federal public plan anti-competitive and calls the proposed national health insurance exchange a “federal takeover” of the states’ role in regulating health insurance.


“The government will never compete unless it can change the rules to win,” says Iowa Representative Linda Upmeyer, minority whip, family nurse practitioner, and chair of ALEC’s Health and Human Services Task Force. “It’s an unlevel playing field when a public plan can shift costs to our state’s private insurers because of low doctor and hospital reimbursement rates, and then raid the federal Treasury for unlimited subsidies,” she added.


In the ALEC letter to Congress, ALEC’s lawmakers criticized the federal push to shift health care decision-making to Washington. “We all share the goal that patients deserve to choose their own quality, affordable, private health coverage,” the letter states. “But health reform shouldn’t just be the job of the federal government.”