Retake Congress - The Schiffathon! Saturday! Peter Schiff for the win!

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The Schiff-a-thon starts tommorow and wait until you see the line up of guests!

This Saturday, August 1st, is the kick off of the week-long fundraising event for Peter Schiff and his potential race for Senate against Chris Dodd in Connecticut!

In order to help set the new all-time single-day fundraising record for a senate campaign, we are asking that you hold off making your donation until the actual day of the "MoneyBomb", which is officialy set for Friday, August 7th.

This is a Jerry Lewis telethon style fundraiser that will feature many high profiled guests known in the patriot movement!

Our goal is to raise 1 million dollars in a single day for Peter Schiff! We made history with Ron Paul twice and we can do it again on August 7th for Peter Schiff!

Tomorrows kick off will start at 11am Eastern. at Tomorrow's broadcast schedule is shaping up nicely, and at this time looks like this:


11AM: Jim Capo - John Birch Society

Noon: Orly Taitz - Attorney seeking Obama's Birth Certificate

1PM: Darrell Castle - Vice Presidential candidate Constitution Party

2PM: Sam Ettaro - Republic

3PM: Tom Cryer - Tax Attorney -

4PM: Gary Franchi - Aaron Russo's Restore the Republic

5PM: Larry Pratt - Gun Owners Of America

6PM: Bob Schulz - We The People Foundation

8PM: Robert Crooks - Mountain Minutemen

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Thanks for being part of what could turn out to be an historic event!