NHAC - Government Run Healthcare Protest Will Greet President Obama

Concord, NH- A variety of citizen activist groups concerned about losing their private healthcare to government bureaucracy and Congressional political favors will show their protest at the President's first visit to New Hampshire since winning the White House in November. As residents converge on Portsmouth High School from all over New Hampshire the question is will incumbent politicians Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes hear their plea to stop the madness?


Portsmouth High School will host the Presidential visit on Tuesday as well as New Hampshire's protest with demonstrations against the healthcare takeover by the President and the current Congressional democratic leadership.

These residents come from all over New Hampshire and New England and comprised of concerned citizens who want to have a real debate about the current plan’s provisions that restrict patient’s choices, expands the federal government’s role in healthcare, and adds more spending to the ballooning federal deficit, just to name a few.


Former State Senator George Lovejoy, Chairman of The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition stated, “We are gathering not because we oppose healthcare reform, which everyone agrees that something needs to be done to reduce the exploding costs of healthcare coverage, rather we are against the “blind faith fast tracking” approach being advocated by special interest supporters of the bill, congressional representatives, as well as the President. We need to start to have a civil dialogue about the consequences of this proposal for average Americans, business owners, as well as the costs implications to the American taxpayers."


Pam Smith the Assistant Coordinator for the NH 9-12 project stated “We are asking for our representatives to condemn the venomous attacks being made by Democrat state party leadership and the special interest groups that are supporting the President’s plan which are being hurled at NH citizen taxpayers. Granite Stater’s have serious concerns about the contents in the proposed legislation."


Americans for Prosperity – NH Chairman Corey Lewandowski said “We all have been asking for the proper forum to voice our concerns with our elected representatives about the content of the proposed legislation. With more than 1,000 pages to consume, and economic implications of private insurance options, the creation of new government bureaucracies, and the intrusion of the government into citizen's medical care, everyone is quite concerned about the details of the takeover agenda.”


To date none of the New Hampshire’s federal delegation has held a town hall forum that would allow citizens to directly question their representatives, instead opting for staged events similar to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s invitation only telephone town hall last Thursday with screened questions and canned responses. Public support has been waning in recent weeks as details about the costs and certain provisions of the plan are becoming known. The White House is in damage control to keep support for healthcare reform from its current freefall. Recently, the White House and Congressional leaders have been making accusations about the sincerity of citizens that have serious concerns about what the plan will mean to them and have even resorted characterizing them as “right wing extremists” and other demeaning names.


The groups are planning to gather at Portsmouth High School at 9am.


Participating Groups:


Americans for Prosperity-NH

Steward of Prosperity

Coalition of NH Taxpayers

NH Advantage Coalition

NH 9-12 Project

Cornerstone Policy Research

Granite State Patriots


NH Liberty Alliance

Citizens Leadership NH

Granite State Taxpayers

Seacoast Freedom Network