Manchester, NH – During the visit of President Obama to Portsmouth, NH today, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter made clear her support for his disastrous Government Run Health Care Program.


The plan would reduce the quality of care for New Hampshire citizens, put the federal government squarely between patients and doctors, and further burden generations of Granite Staters with unprecedented debt. Moreover, there is no indication our Congresswoman even read the 1000 plus pages of legislation before becoming one of its greatest proponents. 1st Congressional District Candidate Frank Guinta released the following statement on the matter:


“Carol Shea-Porter has blindly followed her party leadership over the will of the citizens she represents, in her support for the government takeover of healthcare.


“Health Care does need reform, but reform does not mean take over. Nor does it mean writing checks with no money in the bank; when citizens do this it is a crime, when the government does it it is business-as-usual. This system is very similar to those we see in foreign nations with socialized medicine--the very nations from which we receive patients who are looking for better quality and more timely care.


“We need market driven health care reform that drives down the cost to small businesses and New Hampshire families. Not one that will raise taxes, put jobs at risk and increase government spending.


“To improve our health care coverage for our citizens we need to allow small businesses to pool employees together in larger groups. This would reduce administrative expenses, increase bargaining power and lower costs. Also, we must allow consumers to cross state lines to purchase health insurance. Opening up the market like this will increase competition and decrease the cost of health insurance.



“The fact is, the Shea-Porter supported plan will bankrupt our future generations, reduce the quality of our healthcare, and only increase the control government has over it citizenry. It runs banks, car manufacturer and, if this becomes law, health care as well. Enough is enough.”