NRCC - Pres. Obama Has Town Halls in NH - Why Can't Carol Shea-Porter?

As Dems’ Attempt to Save Their Failing Healthcare Agenda, Shea-Porter Get’s Derailed in The Process


Washington- In a desperate attempt to save the Democrats’ healthcare takeover from de-railing, the President is making a trip to New Hampshire today. With healthcare on their minds, Granite State residents will listen to Democrats flatly explain how a government-run healthcare system with a potentially $1 trillion price tag will somehow be more effective than one with choice, options, and portability. As New Hampshire families listen to today’s town hall, they will surely wonder why President Obama has held more town halls in New Hampshire than their very own elected representative.


“As the President touts his flawed healthcare agenda today, constituents should be wondering why their representative has yet to hold a town hall for them,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Carol Shea-Porter had no problem with town halls when she was crashing them during her first campaign for Congress, but her noticeable lack of recent public appearances speaks volumes about the plummeting approval of her party’s government takeover of healthcare. If Shea-Porter thinks New Hampshire families are willing to wait in line for healthcare, then surely they will have no problem waiting in line to tell her why she’s wrong.”


Carol Shea-Porter recently stated in a House Energy and Commerce Committee markup, that many constituents would love to wait in line for healthcare:


“Many of my constituents would love to wait in line for medical care.” (Remarks from House Energy and Commerce Committee Proceedings, 7/20/09)


Shea-Porter often attended her opponent’s town hall meetings during her first campaign:


“She studied Bradley by attending his town hall meetings around the state for 2 ½ years.” (Beverley Wang, “Shea-Porter upsets Craig for 1st District Democratic nomination,” Associated Press, 09/13/06)


Rather than the President defending his faulty healthcare takeover agenda to New Hampshire constituents, Carol Shea-Porter should be front-and-center listening to New Hampshire families' concerns. Is she that out of touch with New Hampshire families or is she worried about the backlash from her support of government takeover?


Carol Shea-Porter has time for Democrat organizations like Netroots but can’t find time on her schedule for the rest of New Hampshire residents, and her constituents are taking notice:


"I'm not being incited or used by anyone. I'm a taxpayer and interested in politics. Everybody's in a fever pitch and the frustration level is off the charts, so I don't blame these people for being outraged when their legitimate concerns are being ignored," Southwick said. "I've been trying for months and months and months, asking when she (Shea-Porter) was going to hold town hall meetings and take questions from constituents. Shea-Porter has been toeing the Democratic party line and not listening to her constituents who don't want socialized medicine." (Michael McCord, "Town hall meetings in the line of fire", Portsmouth Herald, 8/10/2009)


With the President in New Hampshire, Carol Shea-Porter can no longer stay out of the lime light. New Hampshire families will quickly realize that their representative picks and chooses who she represents and her constituents will realize they can quickly choose someone else in November.